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You just can’t miss this! The Beyond the Curb Tour features 15 of Kentucky’s most innovative and exciting Newport residential and multi-use properties. Yep, October 1 will be a banner day for The Catalytic Fund, creator of Beyond the Curb – encouraging fabulous urban living along Northern Kentucky’s river cities.

Jill Morenz, Director of Community Initiatives and Communications for The Catalytic Fund, chatted with us on the More with Les show and explained, “We do two Beyond the Curb tours a year, and we alternate between our five river cities of Northern Kentucky.”

Jill said Beyond the Curb and the Catalytic Fund strives to showcase the wide variety of living options.

We were thrilled to get a sneak peak of a beautiful three-bedroom home on Overton Street that was actually built in the late 1800s and was completely gutted and rehabbed into the gem it is today. Hey, guess what, folks, it’s on the market! Just stunning!

The homes on East Row and in other historic areas on the October 1 tour provide peaceful and beautiful living that is second to none.

Then, oh boy, fast forward to Aqua on the Levee – a new apartment complex that’s built near Newport on the Levee, right next to the Purple People Bridge. Incredibly modern with unbelievable views – check out that rooftop terrace! “Newport living high style!” Jill said.

Jill said one of the things that makes Beyond the Curb a truly unique home tour is that the tour will include “the befores, the durings, and the afters.” So you will be treated to viewing works in progress, too! And, it is a blast to see the vision from the get-go of some of these buildings, trust us!

For more information about The Catalytic Fund’s Beyond the Curb tours and to get tickets for the upcoming October 1 tour, please visit

The Newport tour promises to be an urban living tour that will inspire and excite – and it will enable you to discover first-hand the amazing sense of community and progress in the area.

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