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A little bit of peace and tranquility in Mt. Healthy. Yes, you heard me right. Despite being spit at by an alpaca (I didn’t mind…), my day at Tikkun Farm was truly a blessing and fantastic learning experience. I mean, who knew something as incredible as this very special farm is right here in Mt. Healthy?

Tikkun is part of a Hebrew phrase Tikkun Olam – it means to “repair the world.” It’s part of a belief system in the Jewish community – that it’s everyone’s job to join with God in repairing what has been broken – from personal healing to global reconciliation.

A tiny bit of paradise near Cincinnati in Mount Healthy, Tikkun Farm has a three-point mission, according to owner Mary Laymon. “It’s to heal people, to restore communities and to restore creation,” she said.

When it comes to helping heal people, the emphasis is on the survivors of trauma, Mary said. “We are specifically creating trauma-sensitive experiences” such as yoga, drumming, and meditation – at Tikkun Farm’s summer day camp. The camp is for refugees, children from at-risk neighborhoods, and also children who just want to experience being around animals, creative writing, art, and the other fun things typical of a day camp experience.

According to their website, Tikkun Farm – a former dairy farm – was purchased by Mary Laymon and Greg York in 2010. “While they are slowly repairing the buildings they have welcomed people to live in community on the farm, offered land for Bhutanese refugees to farm, invited local non-profits to meet in the farmhouse, offered a maker space to refugee and immigrant women for fiber arts projects, hosted an after-school cooking program for underserved neighborhood youth, hosted retreats and workshops, served community meals, taken in animal rescues, welcomed a local drum circle and offered spiritual direction.”

The summer camp experience is “a fun, creative and healing experience with animals, creation and our neighbors.” This camp is offered in partnership with the Mt. Healthy Alliance youth program Zone 231 and the city of Mt. Healthy.

There are volunteer opportunities at Tikkun Farm, and you are guaranteed to be blessed there as well. Check out their Facebook page for more information:


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