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It is truly an honor to discover a restaurant that says what it really is: farm-to-table goodness! Chatting with Tricia Houston of The Farmstead Market & Café was a foodie’s dream come true and we at MORE with Les are thrilled they opened a few weeks ago in Old Union, KY, just a short drive from Cincinnati.

What makes The Farmstead special? Well, I’d like to say, just about everything!

First of all, The Farmstead Market & Café are the only farm-to-table restaurant in the Florence area. And Tricia’s passion for good, honest food is inspiring. They feature products provided by local farmers including Cox Family Farms, Hundred Happy Acres and Ohio Valley Food Connection. Now, that’s FRESH!

The Farmstead’s connection to community businesses brings that honest goodness home. Love Murphy’s Meats or The Colonel’s Creamery? Yep, they’ve got you covered. And don’t forget about Brosmore’s Pepper Patch, too!

And, ol’ Les is here to tell you, you must try the “farmwiches.” Actually, you just have to run down to Kentucky – it’s really not far! – and try everything. Tricia has poured her heart and soul into The Farmstead and your taste buds will sing for joy when you sample their local, true, delicious fare.

“We believe in the local farmer. We believe in our local cottage producers. We believe in a local food system. We’ll make a believer of you,” as it says on their website:

True that. I’m a believer.

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