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Anyone who knows us at MORE with Les knows we have a heart for Westwood, and so does Julie Joseph of Lillywood – a charming place to shop for unique, beautiful and fun home décor and gifts. You just can’t find this type of charm in a big box store.

Julie’s excitement about the revitalization of Westwood and the fun Lillywood brings to Westwood’s Second Saturday event just shines through when she talks about her brainchild boutique. “I’m a lifelong décor junkie, if you will,” she says with the brightest smile. “I’ve got a penchant for interior design.”

Lillywood allows Julie to express her creative side while helping her customers problem solve – from offering lovely, fun and creative home décor to helping people find the absolute perfect gift for someone special.  Julie at Lillywood goes all out to ensure you will leave the boutique with a happy heart.

For instance, the candles and teas have become very, very popular, Julie said. “We actually have a tea club!”

I told Julie, I can’t wait to get to Lillywood again to start my holiday shopping early. She has a huge variety of stunning items of ranging in price, so I already scouted out some stocking stuffers and larger gifts, and found a few pieces of furniture I want to recommend to my friends.

What struck me most when I interviewed Julie on a busy day was her enthusiasm and excitement as she interacted with her customers. Folks, run on over to Lillywood – you will be so happy you did, and also mark your calendars for August 10, 2017. That is Lillywood’s 6-month birthday and there will be all kinds of early bird specials and other “half birthday” celebrations.

Be on the lookout for Julie’s smile – you can’t miss it!

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