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Trying to kick the sugar habit? Don’t deprive yourself, says Beth Robeson of Cincinnati’s SimpleHealthyTreats!

Depriving yourself of special treats just “creates an emptiness in your life,” Beth cautioned in a recent episode of MORE with Les. Deprivation is just “not sustainable,” she said.

“We take the opposite approach. What we do is we help people replace the things that they love that aren’t good for them with things that they love that are good for them,” Beth said. And, looking at her spectacular FIREWORKS CAKE, I was ready to dive right in.

What’s unique about SimpleHealthyTreats is that they are giving away – yes, you heard me – giving away their healthy treat recipes. You can browse their website for some delicious, wholesome recipes and also sign up to receive a new recipe and shopping list in your inbox each week.

Beth breaks it down – how to kick sugary snacks out of your life:

  1. Stop Depriving Yourself!
  2. Make a batch of simple, healthy treats each week and pop them in the freezer – then you can satisfy a craving and not feel guilty.
  3. That’s all there is to it!

I encourage anyone who is trying to eat better or trying to kick a sugar habit or trying to eat less processed food to check out what SimpleHealthyTreats has to offer. Getting a new recipe each week along with the shopping list already created for you…well, pretty easy, right?

“When you eat real food (whole foods in their natural state) the intense cravings and overeating goes away, because when you eat real food you’re giving your body what it needs.” SimpleHealthyTreats says it all.

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